ALBUM: Osaziwayo – Hug’ n Kiss

Download Osaziwayo Hug’ n Kiss Album Zip

Osaziwayo – Hug’ n Kiss Album Download. Osaziwayo make good their word as they release a timeless album in the form of “Hug’ n Kiss”.

They made “Hug’ n Kiss” a 14 track album and surprisingly, they did not feature any other artist on the album.

Check out Osaziwayo – Hug’ n Kiss Album Tracklist

Osaziwayo – Umkami

Osaziwayo – Uvele Uthule

Osaziwayo – Endleleni Yami

Osaziwayo – Amankomane

Osaziwayo – Hug & Kiss

Osaziwayo – Lobobuhlungu

Osaziwayo – Awulaleli

Osaziwayo – Idlazana

Osaziwayo – Indandatho

Osaziwayo – Baxovimpi

Osaziwayo – Imali

Osaziwayo – Kwezothando

Osaziwayo – Intombiyakho

Osaziwayo – Iziphiwo Zethu



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